Weekend house Fišić




Babanovac, Vlašić


Ledić arhitektura


Weekend houses

  • YEAR : 2022
  • LOKACIJA : Babanovac, Vlašić
  • PROJEKTANTI : Ledić arhitektura
  • KATEGORIJA : Weekend houses
Weekend house Fišić

The slopes of Vlasic are an eternal inspiration for objects of interesting architecture, especially when the location itself dictates the shape of the building. In this way, in the already built structure of the basement, an object consisting of ground floor, loft 1, loft 2 and attic 3, and of course the basement already mentioned, is formed. The object is basically incorrect and its maximum height is approximately 22 m.

In the basement we can find technical rooms and tacos, on the ground floor two apartments with common rooms, in the attic 1, one apartment, attic 2 is designed in the same way as the ground floor, while in attic 3 there is a gallery of apartments located on the floor below.

Its exceptional function dictated a form that provides a truly unique view of the Markovac trail as well as the well-known path of the Valley of Stumps.

Weekend house Fišić

Visions in an environment like this are something that really dictates both function and the very form of the object. With large glass surfaces, we further brought all the experience of the mountain into the interior and thus created a rounded whole. Additional respect for the strained state is also brought in through natural materials that you can see in each segment of the object.

The weekend house created according to this principle of design is a multifunctional, content and contemporary interpretation of mountain architecture.

If we take a closer look at the frontal façade, we will see that it also manifests our sign, our seal, or our, already famous logo of the company. Quite subtly printed in one of the “faces” of the object, gives additional emotional value to the object.

We know that when we mention Mount Vlasic, we tie a sentence to it – a mountain that has a soul. To our facilities, and projects so far, we bring her soul into architecture and space!

Vikend kuća - Fišić