Vikend house “Mons






Ledić arhitektura


Weekend houses

  • YEAR : 2022
  • LOKACIJA : Vlašić
  • PROJEKTANTI : Ledić arhitektura
  • KATEGORIJA : Weekend houses
Vikend house "Mons

By testing the limits of designing weekend houses, we come to a new design adapted to the conditions of the environment in which it is located.

The weekend house “Mons” is located in the central part of Vlašić, on Babanovac. The position of the building gave basic parameters when it comes to designing, and therefore spawned a special design of the weekend house in these areas.

Looking at the form of a single-water roof combined with further developing accents, and materialization specific to this type of object, an object was obtained that not only exudes a unique approach to design, but also proves it.

The idea of a guide, which occurs from the very beginning is a pronounced verticality that can be obtained precisely through playing with roof surfaces, and which further, draws in itself and certain horizontal lines that in global, combined with each other, manifest again, the seal of our company imprinted through the frontal facade.


In a functional sense, vertical communications are set up so that, if necessary, ground floors and floors can be physically separated, thereby obtaining spaces that can be used separately without any obstacles.

Taking into account that each room has optimal dimensions, but that the object is gabarite in accordance with the form, we have obtained a fully used space consisting of the ground floor and two floor units, intended as a living and night zone space.

One of the more dominant elements is also cuba, which is glacied with large glass surfaces and thus provides an excellent relaxation corner.

By placing an object like this through time and space, we leave another stamp on our vision of this type of architecture.