Semi - detached houses

House L+F | House I+L

Located in a private neighbourhood of the city of Wienna, Austria, site was supposed to accomodate 4 individual houses for parents, their two kids and guest house, each of them having their own specific requirements.




Beč, Oberwaltersdorf


Ledić arhitektura


Residential buildings

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOKACIJA : Beč, Oberwaltersdorf
  • PROJEKTANTI : Ledić arhitektura
  • KATEGORIJA : Residential buildings
House L+F | House I+L
House L+F | House I+L

Site was split in 4 pieces resulting in 3 square plots, 22x22m, having front entrance accessed off the Restitutaweg street, and one slightly larger plot accessed off the Nepomukweg street.

House L+F | House I+L

Asked by client, all 4 houses have to have: carport, open space concept living area with kitchen and dinning room, master bedroom, 2 additional bedrooms with bathrooms and technical rooms. Other requirements such as winter garden, guest room, workshop, laundry, gallery etc are asked of each client individualy. Designed in a modern, contemporary style, houses should be positioned in such order that each one of them has its own green and outdoor spaces that give intimacy.

House L+F | House I+L

Each house is allowed to occupy 30% of land parcel on which it sits and that gives an approximat number of 145 sqm used space on a parcel of 485 sqm. Having to meet all basic and client requirements and to design such a contemporary, higher standard home, in such conditions – respecting all the given rules, made us aware of the challenge that awaits us. To turn a challenging project into a great one that meets all the needs and gives comfortable home and environment where outdoor space coexist and permeate the relationship with the interior, was the idea that governed the project.

House L+F | House I+L

Positioning rectangular modules (14x9m) with the long side facing better, south-west orientation, semi-detached house came out as an understandable and most logic solution. Two houses sharing one wall left more space one the side to organize parking places and entrance to each house. At the same time, there is enough space in front of house to organize pleasant, outdoor, green spaces.

House L+F | House I+L

Architectural design and organization of the house consists in overlapping two orgthogonal volumes one above the other. Unique volume – cantilever that hovers above ground causing a floating effect, increased the privacy of each house hiding outdoor terrace and living room area open to the garden.
With its wooden materialization, cantilever that floats above the ground level is sometimes percieved as a solid box while other times as very light de-materialized volume. Every second unit cantilever is smaller – intruded – giving an overall sense of dinamic and rhythm while observing a complex as a whole. In this way each house is being percieved separate, as individual house that forms a neighbour.