Mountain house “Sedam Vlašića”




Vlašić, Travnik


Ledić arhitektura



  • YEAR : 2021
  • LOKACIJA : Vlašić, Travnik
  • PROJEKTANTI : Ledić arhitektura
  • KATEGORIJA : Interior
Mountain house "Sedam Vlašića"

The well-known object that adorns the slopes of Vlasic has received unique and unprecedented content in these areas.

In addition to staying on a beautiful mountain with an even more beautiful ambience, especially the view, you will soon be able to spend your free time in a pool that is positioned on an extremely interesting coverage.

In fact, the aim of this move is to form a pool that will have connection to the outer part of the space, which will not obscure the existing object, and its already recognizable visor. In this way, the ideal place located in front of the existing building, in the slope, where positioning the pool in this place would provide not only a visor to the newly designed building, but retain the form of the existing building, and provide it with another useful, multifunctional courtyard.

Direct contact with the external environment is provided over a large glass wall together with physical, mobile protection presented as the logo of the aforementioned object. Throughout the interior decoration, natural materials are intertwined, in order to in a certain way desire the external environment through the inner space. Shadow game is a key factor in completing the atmosphere.

Above all, a clean, simple and unique move respects all of the above parameters and provides a truly amazing and complete architecture that is displayed in only 100 m2. In addition to the pool space and jacuzzi there is also a storage space, a wardrobe as well as a hallway that represents a direct connection to the existing property. It is presented to be optimal dimensions, darkened, and eventually it opens up a view of the pool, slope and the rest of the outdoor environment.

This object, a little intimate and hidden, yet harmonious and functional, certainly represents an obvious combination of architecture, form, function, interior and detail.